Sunday, June 15, 2008

Group support for people living with HIV/AIDS

This is a group called "Sai Yai Rak" (stream of love and concern)which is based in the district Pua in the Nan province. Saturday June 7th 2008 they met with Rev. Sanan Wutti who provides practical, spiritual and emotional support. The meeting was about ARV drug resistance and how to help.

Two children at this community meeting just started their ARV treatment medications. One of the children "Nat" (in the dark blue shirt)who is 10 years old is currently living with his Aunt. Nats Mother and Father died of HIV/AIDS 5 years ago. The other boy "Pao" (in the light blue shirt)is 13 years old and when he started his ARV medications 3years ago his CD4 count was at 16. Now his CD4 count is currently at 60, however his viral load has risen as high as 200,000. Pao's Father passed away 10 years ago from HIV/AIDS. Pao's Mother on the other hand is still living with HIV/AIDS and appears strong and healthy despite not taking any ARV treatment. Pao's Mother is very worried about Pao's viral load being so high.

This community center you see in the picture helps provide income generating with training for sewing clothes and other items. The "Caromando Valley Church in Adelaide Australia" sponsored this project.

Srikom pictured at the center of the photo is the only Christian among this Buddhist community. Srikom is the chairperson for this community outreach center. Directly behind Srikom is Lumpun and she is the Chairperson of the people living with HIV/AIDS for the Nan Province.

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