Sunday, May 25, 2008

ARV treatment of pregnant women

HIV/AIDS consultant/advisers from all over the world met in Arlington Virginia, U.S.A from the 5-8th of April 2008. The main topic of discussion was the ongoing research of ARV's (Anti-Retro-Viral)treatments with pregnant women, babies and the youth who have contracted HIV. This meeting was attended by many representatives from several areas. Among the Thai community consultants were 2 staff members from the AIDS mission program who participated on behalf of the CCT (Church of Christ in Thailand). A. Sanan Wutti is the representative of RINES (The Health Science Research Institute at Chiang Mai University). Supalak Namuang is the representative from the prevention of mother to baby transmission program in Thailand (PHPT). Church leaders were also involved including a Pastor from Zambia and a Pastor from Washington, U.S.A. Along with representatives from the "House of Grace" and Prapokglao Hospital.

As you can see they are working with HIV/AIDS in every corner of the world. There will be a church leader involved with working seriously and continuously at every level of the AIDS pandemic in order to let the will of God appear in the middle of the AIDS crisis. In this meeting they were able to report the success and progress in preventing the transmission of HIV in babies and the youth. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of HIV/AIDS is that it causes these children to become orphans in the future. The world community and churches must work together to find a clear path and solutions to deal with these problems.

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