Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Friends of AIDS Ministry"

On July 19, 2008 CAM arranged a monthly meeting for a group of 30 participants of HIV infected people at the CAM office. The meeting's topic was "Healthy Nutrition". Cam invited guest speaker Ajarn Ganokwan Utkosagit and her team to teach and encourage HIV+ people to take care of themselves with proper nutrition.
Emphasis on a proper diet especially for HIV+ people is crucial for sustaining good health along with other preventative measures. They concluded the meeting with a nutritious lunch and joined together in fellowship. Everybody benefited from all the information and mutual support.

Australian Educational Team Site Visit

On July 8-10th Scott Litchfield together with his family lead the team of 8 members of Coromandel Church from the Uniting Church of South Australia to Thailand. The Church group traveled to Thailand to visit the HIV+ group called "Sai Wai Rak" (Stream of Love). They included an educational site visit to the Church of Christ in Thailand (CAM) and various organizations such as the Pastoral Dept and McGilvary Seminary, Payap University and the 1st District Church in Chiang Mai. The main goal for the visit is to work together with God's love to build and strengthen the relationship between the Coromandel Church and the various Thai organizations visited. During the site visit the Team from Coromandel Church had an opportunity to work in the field with the HIV+ group "Sai Wai Rak". Half of members of the Coromandel Church were given the opportunity to stay with "Sai Wai Rak" in their village for about 2 nights and the other half stayed with Ajarn Sanan Wutti at the Orphanage "Huan Nam Jai" (House of Giving),which is supported by the Chang Cam church. These were both excellent opportunities to see and experience the lives of the Thai people.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Life Skills Workshop"

On July 2,9,11,15, 2008 The Prince Royal College arranged a camp called "Jai Sai Wai Na Rak" (Stream of Love). 495 students from the 6th grade were divided up into 4 groups for a period of 4 days. The Prince Royal College invited CAM staff as a guest speakers and a resource for trainers in the topic of life skills, AIDS education and understanding sexuality and prevention measures for oneself. This training was conducted at the Army Camp facility in the sub district of Mae Rim in Chiang Mai. From this activity we can see all the students were very interested and having lots of fun. The team from PRC organized these activities by emphasizing the participation of the kids.