Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sexuality and the challenges for church leaders

CAM has had the wonderful opportunity to help shed light on the difficult and often sensitive issues of sexuality and what that means as a religious leader. This was the third 3 day workshop that CAM has conducted.  The first session was back in February and had such positive feedback that CAM was asked to facilitate more workshops.  The next 3 day workshop was presented to a large youth group of about 60 teenagers at a youth camp.
The latest workshop was held this month (MAY) at the BaanKlangDoi Resort. 

There were lots of activities and role plays to engage the participants in meaningful dialogue regarding various issues of sexuality.  The facilitators were able to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for sharing and encouraged all the participants to speak from their hearts.
We hope this is just the beginning of important issues to be discussed within the church and the surrounding communities.  Sexuality is an important part of being human and needs to discussed to help the church deal with all the issues surrounding it.
Just being able to talk about sexuality has been a huge step to resolve the stigma and discrimination that happens within our churches and communities.
Please pray for the church leaders in the CCT and that they can use the lessons learned in these seminars to better care for their congregations. 

Thank you to all the facilitators for putting on such an important seminar and challenging the church to tackle the tough issues.
Group photo of church leaders and facilitators