Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Camp "Warm Heart of Love"

The "Compassion Foundation" held a family camp called "The warm heart of love" on the 7-8th of April. The main target group was a group of about 40 kids and their caregivers that have been suffering the effects of HIV/AIDS. The objective of the camp was to facilitate building relationships within the family. For example, the relationship between the affected child and their Parents/ GrandParents/Aunts and Uncles often have gaps. Within these family dynamics there are fears of talking to one another and doing activities together. There is a significant amount of shame associated with HIV/AIDS. Thus, the camp organizers invited 3 AIDS Mission staff "A. Nawanat Kunasawat", "A. Sasitawn Tinwongyuan", and "Ms. Sirilak Gowan" to be guest speakers. The guest speakers were able to encourage the building of relationships within the families. These were done through dialog and role playing. The participants all agreed that these activities helped their families begin to form better relationships with each other and that there was a feeling of love and understanding amongst each other.

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