Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Mission Worker at CAM

Sawat dii khrap,

My name is Brett Faucett and I am the new mission worker from the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA). I am the farang (foreigner) in the blue shirt in the left of the picture. My wife, Shelly, is diagonally across from me and Jan and Jeff Hudson are sitting at the table to my left. My family and I came to Thailand in August of last year. We have two little girls Acacia and Annapurna, ages 6 and 4 years old.
My job title is "HIV/AIDS regional consultant for Asia." I will be working in Thailand, India and China. I met A. Sanan at the airport when we first arrived and, unfortunately, was so bleary eyed that I don't remember much. However, I did remember that in the future I would be spending a lot of time with A. Sanan and the staff at CAM.
My wife and I immediately enrolled into language classes after settling into our new home. We are doing well with the language, but still struggle sometimes. I work now with CAM along side Judy Cook, another Mission worker from the Baptist Church. I am very impressed with all the good work CAM is doing with addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asia. Asia currently has the highest rate of HIV transmission in the world.

I'll give you little background on myself. I am a registered nurse and worked in critical care at a hospital in Newport Beach, California for 6 1/2 years. My wife and I are certified HIV/AIDS instructors with the American Red Cross. We both served in the Peace Corps for 2 years in the Republic of Moldova (Former Soviet Union). I served as a health educator and Shelly served as a English teacher for the high school. We have travelled extensively and have visited 45 countries. We have a 3 year assignment here in Chiang Mai, but we hope to make it a lifetime commitment. I look forward to working with CAM for many years and the opportunity to serve God for whatever He has planned for my family and me.

I will update this blog on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

God Bless

Brett Faucett (Mission Worker)

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