Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our Elderly Friends

On December 12, two of CAM staff, met by invitation with 50 elderly men and women parishioners, at a small church in Chiang Dao. Through activities such as games, art, and singing CAM encouraged the group members to share their feelings about their lives and HIV/AIDS.

Many in the group were experiencing the effects of HIV/AIDS within their families. CAM staff counseled them about quality of life, how to take care of themselves and renew their energy. Some people expressed loneliness and suggestions were made about how to engage in group activities, such as talking, praying, and singing together, and in this way form new relationships and feel less lonely..

The program went from 10AM to 3PM, with coffee and lunch included. At the end of the day the group said they were happy that CAM came to talk with them and invited the staff to return and talk with them again.

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