Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rot Nam Dam Hua, 2009

Rot Nam Dam Hua coincides with Songkran and The Lanna New Year. It is the time of year when we show respect for our elders and bless each other. Elders in the community sit at the head table and offer prayers and blessings for the new year. Water is then sprinkled on the community members as they come up to the table.

It is also a time to get together for fellowship and fun. A time to renew old friendships and create new ones.

After the festivities people lined up for the food that was prepared. Like many places in the world when there is a ceremony there is food. You would never go hungry in Thailand. Food is everywhere and the Thais are very generous.

Khun Luck showing us how it is done. CAM hosted this community event which was attended by several of the patients CAM sees on a regular basis. Fun was had by all.

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