Sunday, March 15, 2009

Zoo trip for children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS

Children from several surrounding villages were invited by CAM to go on an outing to the Zoo. Some of the children had never been to the zoo before so this was a real treat. CAM sees a majority of these children on a regular basis and assists these families in dealing with HIV/AIDS. A number of these children will participate in a peer support and training group. The project will include the children photographing their lives and how HIV/AIDS affects them. They will put together scrapbooks/photo albums and then at the end of the year they will present it to their peers and the community.

This elephant is trying to hitch a ride on the shuttle bus. The children are trying to tell the elephant there is no room. They decide to give the elephant some food to distract it from trying to get on the bus again. The distraction worked.

All the kids drew pictures of their favorite animal and described what the animal does.

Playtime!!! I got the kids to pull me in the hanging basket. It was pretty tiring pulling a heavy farang. Poor kids.

We would have had more money for this project if it wasn't for this bird constantly stealing our money. Better luck next time I guess.

Best friends forever!

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CCT AIDS Ministry said...

Great stuff!!! You guys are doing fantastic work, keep it up. Whoever you hired as a photographer is doing a brilliant job. Keep to beautiful pictures coming!!