Monday, November 8, 2010

New Face at CAM

Hello CAM followers,

I'm Julia Moss, an American Jewish World Service (AJWS) volunteer from Washington, DC who will be working for CAM through the end of January. I'm very excited about this latest adventure and to be part of the amazing CAM team. Everyone is so welcoming and dedicated and I'm hoping to be as much of an asset to the organization as I can.

It's been an interesting transition from my bustling life in Washington, DC working in the world of progressive Jewish social action to the more zen world of Chiang Mai working in the world of Christian health and holistic care services.

While I'm originally from Los Angeles, I've been living inDC for 6 years - first as a college student and now as a working professional. I decided to come to Thailand with AJWS after spending more than two years as a health care policy reporter and wanting some global perspective on the effects of health care policy and the world of grassroots service. Back in DC I now work for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, where I help them in their mission to ensure the rights of all those effected by US policy. They have been gracious enough to give me three months to come here to Chiang Mai and work with CAM in their mission to ensure the well being of all those effected by HIV/AIDS in the region. I feel blessed to be here and working for such a noble and important cause.

I look forward to keeping you "in the know."

- Julia Moss, 24

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