Thursday, December 17, 2009

Educating Thailand's Youth

CAM staff teaching human sexuality and HIV awareness at a local private school.

CAM staff teach HIV awareness at all Church of Christ in Thailand's schools; they are often invited to teach in Thai government schools and many local universities as well.

CAM staff lead several training sessions on HIV prevention and sexuality each year. For many Thai students, CAM's trainings may be the only HIV education they receive.
Children participate in highly interactive activities like these where the kids learn how easily HIV is spread.

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Haley Hansen said...

Hello, My name is Haley Hansen and I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. I am currently working on a project that will take place at my local elementary school. I am trying to create an Awareness Month at the school where each week we discuss a different topic. One of the topics is HIV AIDS and STD awareness. I am trying to find outside resources that would be willing to come and help put on the training. I live in U-Thong Suphanburi, about 1.5 hours outside of Bangkok. I am interested in this program and was wondering if you would like help. You can contact me at