Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Volunteer at CAM

A Tribute to the CAM Staff

I am a volunteer that has been sent by the American Jewish World Service Organization (AJWS) to work with CAM on English skills and funding reports. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, USA. I have been retired from social work for almost two years.

I've had the honor of working with CAM for two months. I'll never forget the kindness and support they have shown towards me. On the first day of my arrival, they took time from their busy schedule and personally delivered various household items to the apartment I was staying in. I was even taken shopping for things I might need. That kindness has extended for the duration of my visit. They've included me in various activities, always making sure I was warm, comfortable and even got to experience their delicious food and treats. They also patiently tried to teach me Thai.

I also had the privilege of seeing the dedication to their patients first hands. I was invited to attend one of their workshops. There I witnessed the interactive teaching of the participants. In addition, I also took a trip with one of the staff to visit a Lahu village, a community and government hospital and also a nursery school. Even though I am not able to speak the Thai language, the kindness and caring was clearly evident bu the tone and body language, not to mention the distance itself that we had to travel. One of the worships held to commemorate World Aids Day almost brought tears of hopefulness to my eyes as the participants held hands and sang in support of all those who suffered

I just want to say thank you CAM staff. I only hope can show the same kindness an caring to others as you have shown to me.

Frannie Hoff

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