Wednesday, October 10, 2007


In September, Buddhist monks, nuns, and the people of Burma, demonstrated for peace and freedom. The Burmese junta responded with violence, causing more than 200 deaths. Thousands have been imprisoned, receiving inhumane treatment.

As a response to this violence, the Interfaith Group for Peace in Burma has been formed, to show spiritual solidarity and call for peaceful transformation in Burma.

On Thursday evening, 4th of October, about 250 people, including Buddhists, Moslems and Christians, gathered at Buddhasathan, Chiang Mai, for prayer for peace in Burma. The meeting was conducted in Burmese, Thai and English, with representatives from each of the three faiths, leading in prayer.

Many photos of the violence were displayed, T-shirts calling for peace in Burma were for sale, and traditional songs and dancing were performed.

This is all part of a number of activities, over 4 days, including three peace walks, discussion and films about Burma.

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