Monday, September 10, 2007

Schools Work at CAM –July/Aug 2007

For the past 5 years CAM staff have been invited to participate in the education programme of Dara School, a Christian based school under the governance of the CCT. CAM staff provide contextual training in life-skills, and for the sessions they link up with teams of CCT church youth who provide games and entertainment in the day for the students, as a backdrop to the training given by CAM staff. This year the programme was with M.5 year, in the high school, with around 500 students, aged 16-17 years, receiving participatory training in issues such as sexuality, morality-ethics, family life, AIDS protection and prevention and knowledge about AIDS and other STIs. The training took place in July 26-27th, with the students split into 2 groups of around 250, and took place at a Chiang Mai University facility. Over the past 5 years of regular input with this particular age group, CAM staff have noticed a growing trust and acceptance of the CAM staff by individual students, some of whom seek advice and counsel from CAM individually after the meetings, or even 1-2 years later.

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